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The Frame by Samsung

This is The Frame by Samsung. I mounted this onto their stone fireplace. Beautiful setup.

4 TV Video Wall For A Church

This is 4 55" TVs for a church. The pastor is such a fun guy to do work for. Had a blast this day.

It's relatively costly to do these video walls as they start at $1500, and can go much higher depending on the complexity, but they sure look great.

55" TV Mounted With The Mantle Mount

The Mantle Mount is an in demand TV mount. It's perfect for situations where the mantle above the fireplace is so high that you'd prefer if you could lower the TV when you want to watch it.

I shot this shot before I put the sound bar on, so I could show a bit of the mounting bracket.

You pull that handle down, and the TV comes out away from the wall, and then pulls down to a better TV watching height.

It requires a service technician with hundreds of TVS mounted under their belt, and we've done many, many hundreds of Mantle Mounts.

86" TV Mounted 12' High For Vikings Players

This is me doing pull-ups from a full motion mount, mounted at a training facility some of the Minnesota Vikings use in the offseason.

For an 86" TV mounted 12 feet high.

55" TV Onto Stone Fireplace

Mounting TVs onto stone is one of the trickier TV mounting scenarios because this type of stone is not fit for holding TVs.

So knowing how fireplaces are built, and where the studs are lurking well behind the stone allows The Mounting Man to be the go to provider for mounting TVs onto stone fireplaces.

45" TV With Exterior Cord Concealing

This isn't a typical showcase image, but it's the most common job we do. A simple TV mounting job of a 45" TV, and concealing the cords with exterior cord concealing strips.

55" TV Mounted Onto Porcelain Tile

Mounting TVs onto porcelain tile is not only time consuming, but an extremely cautious procedure.

This type of tile can easily crack in the hands of an untrained, and unskilled service technician.

We've gained a great reputation by being absolutely pristine in our installation onto tile of all sorts.

It's not an inexpensive TV mounting job, but if you want it done without damage, we'll be happy to do yours.

55" TV Mounted & In Wall Cord Concealing

Many people want the floating TV look, so a good percentage of our clients add on in wall cord concealing.

It makes for a look free of cords for a very classy look.

65" TV Mounted With In Wall Cord Concealing

This job doesn't appear to be anything but standard, but the portion above the fireplace is slanted by so much that it made for a trickier situation.

We used a special mounting bracket to allow the TV to be perfectly situated.

Then we concealed the cords through the fireplace cavity (safely away from any area that would get hot), and put an outlet behind the fireplace.

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Professional Installation for a flawless Samsung Frame setup
We Mount TVs for Several NFL & NBA Players
The guys tend to get a kick out of the name, The Mounting Man, tell their teammates, and we get another booking.

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Shannon Sharpe
NFL Hall of Famer

When Shannon left Skip Bayless on their show, Undisputed, we mounted TVs at a Houston condo of his for The Mounting Man Houston location.

Christian Darrisaw
NFL (Minnesota Vikings)

Christian had me over when he was first drafted to the NFL, and he's continued to hire me for a lot of work, mounting TVs, NFL jerseys, and a lot of handyman far my biggest client.

Gavin Kaysen
Chef (Iron Chef on Netflix)

Mounted 4TVs at their Edina Cooks Bellecour bakery, and then his business partner had me back at the Cooks North Loop location.

Malik Beasley
NBA (Timberbolves, Lakers)

Malik had me over a couple times for work installing security cameras, and a host of other jobs, before getting traded joining Lebron on the Lakers.

PJ Tucker
NBA Star

I'm not sure if PJ got our information from Shannon Sharpe, or if Shannon got our information from PJ. Either way one connection has continually led to more high profile clients.

Jaylen Clark
NBA (Timberwolves)

The Timberbolves draft pick out of UCLA. Amazing young guy. I just mounted one TV this time, but we'll have much more to do in the future.

Matt Boldy
NHL (Minnesota Wild)

Great young NHL player for The Wild. Fun guy. Had a challenging 86" TV setup that looks amazing.

Romaine Metanire
Minnesota United Soccer

Great guy. Has had me over a couple times now. TV mounting work, and hanging some jerseys.