What Does It Cost To Mount A TV?

The base price is $150. That's for a TV 65" or under, onto drywall, or plaster. If it's 70" or above, it's a $200 base price, and if it's onto brick or above a fireplace, an extra $50 since it burns up expensive masonry bits.

Mounts are $75 for tilt mounts and $125 for full motion.
In-wall cord concealing with the installation of an outlet is $250.
Exterior cord concealing is $75.

How Do I Go About Booking?

1. Go Here to book a slot. If you have questions, call us at 800-835-2147.

2. You'll receive a confirmation.

3. Service tech arrives on time.

4. Service tech completes job, and presents invoice.

5. You may pay on the spot with credit card, or use Venmo, Zelle, or Cashapp.

Will My TV Fall Off The Wall?

A big part of our job is to provide you with knowledge about how a TV is securely mounted, so that you'll know there is never a chance of a TV coming down.

When an amateur hangs the TV, sometimes we have to come to fix everything because the relative who offered to help didn't know how to find the studs, or how to use any other type of anchor that would securely mount the TV.

It's extraordinarily easy for a professional to know where the studs are in the wall, even without a stud finder, but we use what is called a Franklin Sensor, which is the Rolls Royce of stud finders, and makes it very easy for us, and for you to see into the wall, and where the studs are.

Our policy to to profit 10-15 times the holding capacity than the weight of the TV & mount.

For example, if you have a 86" TV, it'll weight in the ballpark of 90 pounds, depending on brand. We generally make sure there is 1500 pounds of holding capacity.

While that may seem excessive, we have to plan for any situation that may ever occur. I have a 3-year-old, and at my house I have to secure things in a way that even if she may hang on the mount, there isn't any chance of it even budging.

What About The Possibility Of Hitting An Electrical Cord or Water Pipe?

This should absolutely be a concern of any home owner. You may have seen this video where a guy tried to hang his own TV, hit a water pipe, and it flooded his whole place.

I've had people call me after they've done this themselves, and told me the tens of thousands in damages it caused, so they have use over to get it done right.

Much like I wrote above, we use a sensor that X-rays the wall in a way, to show what are the studs, and what are electrical cords, or water pipes, etc...

In addition though, since it's extraordinarily easy to find the studs, you simply drill in the middle of the stud, and there isn't a risk of any problems.